Base Air.
Level the Road.

Dynamic and precise air-management

Installed into existing air suspension, Base Air is a method of pressure-control that allows vehicles to operate between single and dual-circuit air suspension as required.

Instantly adjusts

The Base Air system comprises two bespoke Height-Control Valves (HCVs) and one Dual-Pressure Protection Valve (DPPV), along with unique Crossflow technology. By first creating an independent circuit on each side of the vehicle, the suspension can then best respond to road conditions on that side. When a vehicle returns to level ground, Base Air’s unique Crossflow technology ensures the two circuits become one, for greater balance and load share.

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Reduced tyre wear and driver fatigue

Base Air makes the response of air suspension more predictable by locking in the air volume of each circuit when dynamic conditions occur. This is accomplished with no electronic sensors or controls; and manual pressure adjustments are never needed. A more predictable vehicle response makes driving smoother, reducing tyre-wear, freight damage and driver fatigue.

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Stories from the road

  • 01 / 05

"...with driver fatigue, we've found it very good, very stable. All round it's been a really good experience for us."

Graham Keogh

Wickham Freight Lines

"...just smooth, almost like a limousine I guess you could say."

John Parry

Linehaul Driver
Emerald Carrying Company

"...the difference is unbelievable, it's like you're driving your truck on a train track."

Dale Summerville

North QLD Operations Manager
Blenners Transport

"…to see the difference with Base was unbelievable."

Jason Martin

CEO & Managing Director
Martins Stock Haulage

“You shake your head and wonder how it’s still on its wheels and how it never fell over.”

Nathan McLoughlin

Martins Stock Haulage