Base Air.
Level the Road.

Dynamic and precise air-management

Base Air® is not suspension. It is a first-of-its-kind, proprietary, dynamic, precision air-management system for vehicles equipped with air spring suspension.

Instantly adjusts

The Base Air® system comprises two bespoke Height-Control Valves (HCVs) and one Dual-Pressure Protection Valve (DPPV). By dedicating an independent circuit to each side of the vehicle, the suspension can respond best to the conditions on that side. Base Air’s unique Cross-Flow technology ensures the two circuits become one for balance and load share when conditions allow.

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Reduced tyre wear and driver fatigue

Base Air® makes the response of air suspension more predictable by locking in the air volume of each circuit when dynamic conditions occur. This is accomplished with no electronic sensors or controls; and manual pressure adjustments are never needed. A more predictable vehicle response makes driving smoother, reducing tyre wear, freight damage and driver fatigue.

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Stories from the road

  • 01 / 05

"...with driver fatigue, we've found it very good, very stable. All round it's been a really good experience for us."

Graham Keogh

Wickham Freight Lines

"...just smooth, almost like a limousine I guess you could say."

John Parry

Linehaul Driver
Emerald Carrying Company

"...the difference is unbelievable, it's like you're driving your truck on a train track."

Dale Summerville

North QLD Operations Manager
Blenners Transport

"…to see the difference with Base was unbelievable."

Jason Martin

CEO & Managing Director
Martins Stock Haulage

“You shake your head and wonder how it’s still on its wheels and how it never fell over.”

Nathan McLoughlin

Martins Stock Haulage