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Base Air® is a patented air management system designed for heavy vehicles equipped with air suspension. The Base system utilises a vehicle’s existing air supply and suspension, while improving the way air is managed.

The Base Air system comprises two bespoke Height Control Valves (HCVs) and a dual Pressure Protection Valve. By dedicating an independent circuit to each side of the vehicle, the suspension can respond best to the conditions on that side. Base Air’s unique Cross-Flow technology then ensures the two circuits become one for balance and load share when conditions allow.

By precisely and actively managing the connection of air circuits in real time, the predictability of a heavy vehicle is greatly increased. This has several benefits:
- Reduced tyre wear
- Reduced driver fatigue
- Reduced fuel consumption
- Reduced freight damage
- Improved load share, reducing road damage
- Reduction in rate of road degradation

Base Air® is available in packages that are suspension and vehicle specific. Kits and pricing (plus Labour for install) are available from your nearest accredited and authorised installer. Please contact Base Air directly for a list of nearest installation partners.

Base Air® is currently available through Australian distribution partner PACCAR Parts, and can only be fitted via accredited installers. If you are interested in installing Base Air® to your fleet or vehicle, please contact us here.