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Base Air™ is a patented air management system purposefully designed for heavy vehicles equipped with air suspension. The Base system utilises a vehicle’s existing suspension and air-supply, while improving the way air is managed.

Most air management systems use one height control valve (HCV) to maintain a vehicle’s ride-height. The Base system combines two bespoke HCV’s, one Dual-Pressure Protection Valve (DPPV), and revolutionary cross-flow technology, to actively manage the air throughout the undercarriage of a vehicle.

By precisely and actively managing the distribution of air in real time, the stability of a heavy vehicle is greatly increased. This has several profound benefits:
- Significant reduction in a vehicle’s roll
- Significant reduction in tyre-wear
- Reduced driver-fatigue
- Reduced fuel-consumption
- Increased load integrity
- Reduction in rate of road degradation

Base Air™ will be available in packages that are suspension and vehicle specific. Kits and pricing (plus Labour for install) will be available from your nearest accredited and authorised installer. A list of accredited installers will be periodically updated on the Base website.

Base Air™ will become widely available in Australia in the first quarter of 2021, through accredited installation partners. If you are interested in becoming an accredited installation partner, please contact us here.